The care guide

Varying factors can influence the condition of our sensitive jewellery. Please be sure to clean and store your jewellery for long-lasting wear. Most of our materials are delicate and should be worn with care.



Storage: Many of our pieces are made with freshwater pearls which are delicate in nature. Protect your jewellery by storing it individually in a pouch of soft material, to avoid scratches.

Protect: All jewellery is vulnerable to the hard knocks of daily life. Protect them by avoiding extreme temperatures, constant banging, scratches and harsh chemicals to minimize damage or wear.

I know that swimming with your ohlà là pieces can be tempting, but we strongly recommend avoiding seawater and chlorinated water. You can bath with your jewels, however we recommend removing it so that stainless steel will not tarnish. Also, we recommend avoiding directly body lotion and spraying perfumes.

Clean: Most items are made from stainless steel, therefore it won't or barely change of colour, depending on how well you treat your pieces. Extend its shine by periodically cleaning each piece and avoiding substances that aren’t PH neutral. Each piece is totally distinct, and no two pieces are the same. Variations in colour, size and shape are only natural.


The buyer is obliged to check the delivered products immediately upon arrival. If it appears that the delivered product is not the ordered product, or the product is inadequate or incomplete, the customer must report these defects immediately by email

Our jewellery is fragile due to it’s natural materials, please carefully follow this care guide.  We are happy to repair most manufacturing faults within 180 days of purchase*. We do not replace items that are damaged due to neglect of our Care Guide. Please e-mail/DM an image of your damaged jewellery to discuss possible options.

*Manufacturing faults DO NOT include: broken chain or wire; chipped, cracked or broken pearl; general wear and tear including items that have been bent out of shape, twisted and snapped, Discolouration due to exposure to chemicals, make-up, swimming pools, hot tubs or bathing. Follow this care guide to prevent any of the above.